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My paintings give a glimpse into the environment where manmade structures and the natural world meet in an often surreal juxtaposition.    

Although there may not always be obvious similarities between the paintings they are linked by recurring formal concerns and through the subject matter.   


The subject for a work often arrives when I am not actively looking, for example whilst looking out of a train or plane window, walking, driving, flicking through a book, google, or an old photo album. It can be awkward trying to memorise the scene so I will make a quick sketch or photograph it so I have a record. Often what catches my eye is something that encapsulates a thought or train of thought; usually the subject seems uncanny or strange, things not normally seen together.

I love using oil paints, the richness of the colours and the consistency of oils are for me unbeatable. As I am quite limited for space in my studio, I usually paint straight on to boards, paper or a piece of primed linen tacked on to the wall.

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