Painter and printmaker, working with the subjects of the environment and the surreal

I am delighted to be part of the exhibition held by Irving Contemporary in their latest exhibition, A ROOM OF HER OWN. Presented as a hybrid show across Irving Contemporary’s physical art space in Oxford and our online space, this impressive collection of works is an exhibition by women about women, bringing together 185 works by 81 women artists. It seeks to be a visual celebration of women and womanhood, the physical and psychological spaces that women and girls inhabit, the female body, the female experience in its breadth and diversity. Themes explored through the work include: body image, identity, memory and history, grief and loss, mental illness, connection to nature, motherhood, girlhood, the comfort and confines of domestic space, absence and presence. 

Artists in the exhibition are: Agathe Bouton, Ale Bassett, Alice Watkins, Alison Berrett, Amy Wiggin, Ange Mullen-Bryan, Ania Ready, Anja Niedring, Anna Cady with Brenda Waite, Bianca MacCall, Caroline Cornelius, Caroline Streatfield, Carrie Stanley, Cat Knight, Daisy Jarrett, Ellie Bird, Emily Lucas, Emily Stevens, Emma Davis, Esmé Clutterbuck, Esther Cox, Esther Donaldson, Fiona G. Roberts, florence Libotte, Gabrielle Eber, Gemma Petrie, Haley Craw, Hannah Turner-Duffin, Harland Viney, Harriet White, Heather McAteer, Helen Cass, Inge du Plessis, Jane Bennett, Jemima Stilwell, Jen Gash, Jeni Johnson, Jess Allen, Jo Dumpleton, Julie Poulsen, Kate Boucher, Kate Shooter, Katherine Sheers, Katya Granova, Katya Kvasova, Kerry Doyland, Laura Bell, Linda Schwab, Lola Stanley, Loubna Rizqi, Louisa Longstaff-Scales, Lou Blakeway, Lucia Jones, Lucy Barnfather, Lucy Cade, Lucy Spanyol, Lucy Ward, Mary West, Maryam Dehbozorgi, Maxine Foster, Maya Beason, Michelle Boyle, Miyeon Yi, Nick Grellier, Olivia Browne, Olivia Mansfield, Rachel Jeffers, Sadie Tierney, Sal Jones, Sam Vicary, Sara Farhadi, Sarah Garvey, Sarah Jane Hender, Serena Curmi, Sharon McPhee, Sheridan Jones, Susannah Douglas, Tania Skeaping, Tina Hayes, Zena Blackwell.

Fundraising for Ukraine: Irving Contemporary will be donating a percentage of gallery proceeds from A ROOM OF HER OWN to organizations providing humanitarian and emergency support to Ukraine and its people following the Russian invasion, and many of the artists are pledging to donate a percentage of their proceeds too. So all purchases from the exhibition will be supporting the people of Ukraine. Every Friday until the end of the show, the gallery will make a donation based on the previous week's exhibition sales, shared between the Ukraine Appeals of the British Red Cross and UNICEF, and the International Rescue Committee.

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